Ann Deslandes


Hi! I’m a freelance writer and researcher from Sydney, Australia. That’s a picture of some coffee beans in my hand, taken in Xico, Veracruz, Mexico. This site is an archive of my writing on the themes of solidarity, gender, sexuality, language, family, faith, urbanism, visual culture, decolonisation, and more.

I believe that stories make the world, and I find them in all sorts of places: social theory and philosophy, activism, community services; on TV, on the bus, under my bed. I also believe that social commentary and analysis can help us think through some of the big and awful problems that we face as a world.  To all of these ends I’ve written reportage, criticism, and hot takes for publications including GuernicaThe Sydney Review of BooksThe EstablishmentThe Vocal, Eureka Street, and Junkeeand I have published research and analysis in scholarly journals such as Cultural Studies Review and Australian Feminist Studies

I like cats, beer, anarcho-communism, and the Bill and Ted movies. My hands are sore. I thought the coffee beans might help.

contact: @Ann_dLandes | annDOTdeslandesATgmailDOTcom

donate: PayPal


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