Notes & reviews

Weekly episode reviews of ‘Outsiders’ series 02, for The Tracking Board, February-June 2017

with Mike Aiken, Gregorio Franklin Baremblitt, Nicola Bullard,
Carine Clément, Sara Koopman, and Sander Van
Lanen. ‘Activist experiences of solidarity work‘. Action Note. Interface: A journal for and about social movements, Vol. 6, No. 2, November 2014.

To live is to swerve‘, Mute, November 2013. [review of Angela Mitropoulos, Contract and contagion: From biopolitics to oikonomia, Minor Compositions, 2012]

The expanding habitat‘, Invisible City, No. 8, 2014.

#occupy“, republished in The Printed Blog, 2011.

Review of Lisa Isherwood (ed.) Prophets, priests and other villians, Equinox, 2007. Postcolonial Networks, 2010.

Activism unbound‘, borderlands, Vol. 8, No. 3, 2009. [review of Carolyn d’Cruz, Identity politics in deconstruction: Calculating with the incalculable, Ashgate, 2008]


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